Give it one…

…is the title of a Jazz CD i just bought today – featuring 16 (that’s sixteen) French Horns.  If you’ve never heard jazz on the French Horn then you won’t be alone – but this CD might convert you!

Habakkuk Jazz

You don’t often find Christian Jazz. And even less often do you find Christian jazz based on a German Chorale which was also the subject of a Bach Motet. So check out the Jason Harms Quintet! You can find free downloadable charts of the songs on the same site including one which I really want to try based on Habakkuk 3:17-19.

There is a great story about them on the Desiring God Blog

So, do Jesus and Jazz mix?  What about using Jazz like this in Worship? On a Sunday morning? Not sure I would do it – but what do you think?