Books I have read 2008

Books I have read – 2008

Good Luck and Trouble – Lee Child

Mountain Rain – Eileen Crossman

The biography of James O Fraser, missionary to the Lisu of China/Thailand at the end of the 19th Century. Contains some of the best writing on prayer I know.

God is not Great – Christopher Hitchen

This was so depressing and so WRONG, I only got halfway through before giving up.

Nothing to Lose – Lee Child

What on Earth Are We Here for? – Rick Warren

Our Church’s “forty days” series for 2008

The Appeal – John Grisham

Dissolution – C J Sansom

Dark Fire – C J Sansom

Dark Fire and Dissolution (and Revelation which I read later in the year) are excellent historical detective novels set at the time of Henry VIII. Fascinating insights into the background to the dissolution of the monasteries and the rise and fall of Thomas Cromwell.

Something Happened – Cable and French

Marvellous and inspiring stories of two Victorian women pioneering missionaries in China

The Devil’s Alternative – Frederick Forsyth

Aunt’s Aren’t Gentlemen –  P G Wodehouse

Innocent Traitor – Alison Weir

Fascinating fictionalised account of the life and last days of Lady Jane Grey. Highly recommended.

Revelation – C J Sansom

Eggs, Beans and Crumpets – P G Wodehouse

The field of the Star – Nicholas Luard

Totally self-centred but fascinating account of one man’s Pilgrimage along the Camino to Santiago

The Lady Elizabeth – Alison Weir

Another excellent historical novel from historian Alison Weir. A worthy successor to Innocent Traitor.

Desiring God – John Piper

My first encounter with John Piper. Read my review here.

Worship Matters – Bob Kauflin

Excellent, Biblical, practical book about leading worship and worship ministry in general.

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