Read and Reading…

The pages linked here provide short reviews of the many of the books I have read during the year.  I hope they might be of some interest.


Sex and the Supremacy of Christ – John Piper et al

The Music of the Primes – Marcus du Sautoy

Total Church – Tim Chester

Generous Justice – Tim Keller

Worth Dying For – Lee Child

The Trellis and the Vine – Marshall/Payne

GCHQ – Richard Aldrich

You Can Change – Tim Chester

All Roads Lead to Calvary – Jerome K Jerome

The King’s Speech – Mark Logue

The book of the film, but keeps going where the film left off. Very interesting indeed and well worth reading.

The Message of the Sermon on the Mount – John Stott

I read through this as part of trying to memorise the Sermon on the Mount. 

The People’s Bible – Derek Wilson

A popular and interesting history of the King James Bible

Love Wins – Rob Bell

A depressing example of what happens when the difficult, terrible but vital truths of the Bible clash with the culture of the day, and the truth loses. Nobody wins here. 

A Sweet and Bitter Providence – John Piper

A brief survey of the book of Ruth. Typical John Piper and none the worse for that

King’s Cross – Tim Keller

Based on a sermon series on Mark’s Gospel, Tim Keller, pastor of the mega-Redeemer Church in New York, writes clearly, helpfully and thoughtfully. Strongly recommended

Scandalous – Don Carson

My Only Comfort – Death, Deliverance and Discipleship in the Music of Bach – Calvin R Stapert

A fascinating survey of some of Bach’s sacred music, including the Passions, the Mass in b minor and some of the cantatas, linking them to the foundations of the Christian Faith found in the Hiedelburg Catechism.

Why don’t Penguins’ Feet Freeze – New Scientist

Men of God – Richard Coekin and others

An excellent set of short chapters about what it means as a man to be a truly committed follower of Jesus Christ. This book was given out at the recent London Men’s Convention and would make a great foundation for a series of men’s bible studies perhaps.

The Bible in English – David Daniell

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church

Where else are you going to find a book with a chapter on the lost practice of Church Discipline?  A very interesting account of nine areas which mark out a healthy church by the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC. Many other equally essential areas omitted (worship, missions), but these nine look like good ones! I especially like his definition of what evangelism is not – it’s NOT the results, it IS the faithful proclamation that Christ came into the world to save sinners!

Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling

Complete works of Kipling for £1.70 courtesy Amazon and my Kindle. Really enjoying them so far – I had never read the Jungle Book and it was so nice to read a good story, beautifully and memorably written. 

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