Happily married to Elizabeth, father of three now all left – Jonathan living and consulting in IT in London and twins Tim (engaged to Fiona – wedding this year!) producing music in Manchester and Anna (married to John) teaching music in Suffolk.  My main interests are the Bible and music, increasingly Bach (with the odd bit of science thrown in from my Natural Sciences degree background).  So the aim of this blog will be to talk about one, or the other, and where possible both at the same time.

What do I do?  When not working in investment planning/product development in telecommunications and attending interminable conference calls… Music director, deacon/trustee (with a brief spell as Treasurer) at Burlington Baptist Church in Ipswich. Previously point person in East Anglia for music and worship foundation, although that has now come to an end.  Sing and lead the Illuminati Chamber Choir in nearby Woodbridge which sounds more conspiratorial that it actually is. Also conduct the BT Adastral Park Singers, the John Lewis Ipswich choir, and A New Song Community Choir.

And in case you are wondering, the view in the picture is from the top of Causey Pike which is one of the first mountains in the English Lake District which Elizabeth and I climbed before we were married, one of the first we took the kids up, and one we still try and climb most years. The view is unsurpassed!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Well done Andrew…a great idea to start. I love words too, probably a whole lot more than music, but I am really interested in how they work together to both inform and form our theology. I am moved most when the words are clear and express Biblical truth and when the music does not crowd them out! I’m sure others will have differing thoughts here!

  2. Blogging is new to me but sounds very interesting. I love Gods word in music, but also I love to listen to the music and spend time in Gods presence and reflect on his love for me. Also during that time I can listen to what God is telling me.

  3. I agree it is very interesting to think about music and words work together and how a musical style may re-inforce or undermine what the words are saying. Perhaps something to explore in a future post one day!

  4. I have just discovered this blog, Andrew and would like to encourage you to continue and write more often.

    Not only do I enjoy and look forward to your articles, but I know from long experience that the act of blogging is an excellent way to develop general writing skills and push through the imaginary barrier of self-doubt which stands in the way of all creative endeavour.

    Every musician I know recommends practice, and even non-musicians understand that without practice a good performance is highly unlikely. Yet somehow most people still expect to be able to write confident, fluent, and compelling words from a standing start.

    As you might guess, words are more my area than music!

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