Sabbatical musings

During the first few months of 2015 I am taking a mini-semi-Sabbatical from Church, and also from all but one of the choirs that I seem to have started leading over the past few years.  Due to some changes at work I am also managing to take every Friday off and and planning some reading and informal study around anything that interests me, but primarily (unsurprisingly) Word and Music.

Watch this space for I hope much more regular updates on what I am reading and discovering about Bach, music, theology, singing, the Bible and connections between them.

What’s the purpose? Apart from to re-group and re-fresh and listen to any fresh revelations of His purpose, I think (to quote from a talk I heard last weekend) “the goal is God”.  A greater understanding of who He is, leading to greater worship.  And if there’s one thing I am seeing more clearly than ever, understanding comes through hearing the Word and putting it into practice.

If you want to check up on me through this, then hold me to those overarching goals.


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