The Lord’s Prayer from a great pastor-teacher

The Lord’s Prayer – Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis is the pastor of Cornerstone Church which my son Jonathan has been attending while studying in Nottingham. We visited once and despite the fact that is it a large church of 500 or more on a Sunday morning, he came up to us before the service and said “Jonathan, please introduce me?”  The fact that he bothered, and that he remembered Jonathan’s name, made me want to read what he had to say all the more.

The book is an expanded version of a previous edition, and takes the form of 47 short chapters (which can be read in just 7 weeks at a chapter a day, which is how I did it) exploring the Lord’s Prayer, with many anecdotes from Peter Lewis’ life, which make you warm to him all the more. He talks about the Fatherhood of God, worship, discipleship, forgiveness – the whole Christian life. Just writing this makes me think I need to read it again already.  Highly recommended.


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