Word and Music

I thought quite a bit about the name of this blog (not least because a lot of the good names had gone!)  But actually this name works really well for me.

I love music – it’s what drives me more pretty much anything as my long-suffering family will testify. And I seem to have passed that on to at least the twins, both of whom are aiming to study music. 

And I love the Bible (actually I love words and the Word).

And there is nothing better when the two come together – whether it be Bach Cantatas (which could well be a frequent theme here), or worship songs, or Victoria motets or indeed any music where the music serves the Word or helps us understand something about who God is, and shows us His glory in a way which words alone cannot do. 

You can find out more about me in About and (as I say there) I am new to blogging (both reading, certainly posting, and definitely writing). Please bear with me while I get the hang of it (assuming I do) and let me know what you think (but be kind!)


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